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Some ERA-INTERIM products from ECMWF
Last update: January 15th, 2015 by Sara Fleury
Description: Warning: Limited usage, see remarks below.
Global gridded weather parameters from three ECMWF ERA-Interim products: surface reanalysis, surface forecasts and waves.
Parameters for 'reanalysis' product: 10m wind zonal and meridional ; Sea Surface and 2m Temperatures ; Mean Sea Level pressure ; Total column water vapour ; Charnock ; Logarithm of Surface Roughness length for Heat.
Parameters for 'waves' product:
   - wind waves: significant height ; mean direction ; mean period.
   - total swell : significant height ; mean direction ; mean period.
Spatial coverage: Global coverage. Resolution: 0.5 degrees.
Temporal coverage: 1979 until now. Resolution: 6h.
Source: ECMWF web site
Documentation: File README_ECMWF
Format: 2 file formats are available:
- grib (native format)
- NetCDF
Directory: /data/soa/from_ctoh/ecmwf/data for data.
/data/soa/from_ctoh/ecmwf/docs for documentation.
/data/soa/from_ctoh/ecmwf/src for extraction codes.
Remarks: We have these data in the context of a convention between ECMWF and OMP.
These data can be freely used for our scientific research at OMP, but we are not allowed to redistribute these data out of OMP.
In order to justify this convention, please send an email to to explain in few words your project using these data. Thank you.
Updates on request: send an email to