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Sea Level Anomaly from AVISO-DUACS
Last update: August 04th, 2017 by Sara Fleury
Description: Global Sea-Level Anomaly (SLA) from satellite-altimeters. Both along-track data (SLA) and multi-missions gridded data (MSLA and MADT) are available. Some regional data are also available (Kerguelen, Med., ...).
Data: Referenced (ref) and Updated (upd) Delayed Time (dt) products.
Parameters: Height (h) with uncertainties (err) and geostrophic currents (u, v).
Spatial coverage: Global coverage. Resolution: 1/3 degree.
Temporal coverage: 1992 until now. Resolution: weekly and daily.
Source: Copernicus
Documentation: File README_DUACS
Format: NetCDF
Directory: /data/soa/from_ctoh/sla_duacs/data/dataset-duacs-rep-global-merged-allsat-phy-l4-v3 for new data.
/data/soa/from_ctoh/sla_duacs/docs for documentation.
/data/soa/from_ctoh/sla_duacs/src for extraction codes.
Remarks: Updates on request: send an email to